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Mi-8, Mi-17, Mi-171, Mi-172 series
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Mi-8 (Mi-17)
is a medium twin-turbine transport helicopter that
can also act as a gunship.
The Mi-8 is the world's most-produced helicopter, and is used by over 50 countries.

Part numbers 2020 (series for helicopters Mi-8, Mi-17, Mi-171, Mi-172 ).

On our site you can find spare parts, components, assemblies for helicopters Mi-8 series, Mi-17, Mi-171, Mi-172.


3 GOST 19030-73 THIMBLE
3.2-32-002 GOST 397-66 PIN
3.2-36-002 GOST 397-66 PIN
3.2-36-26 GOST 397-79 PIN
3.2-36-29 GOST 397-79 PIN
3.2-40-002 GOST 397-66 PIN
3.2-40-26 GOST 397-79 PIN
3.2-45-002 GOST 397-66 PIN
3.2-45-029 GOST 397-66 PIN
3.2-50.0.029 GOST 397-79 PIN
3.2-60-216 GOST 397-66 PIN
3.2-63.0.029 GOST 397-79 PIN
3001A-4-18-2-5-KD BOLT
3001A-4-28-2-5-KD BOLT
3001A-4-86-2.5-KD BOLT
3001A-5-56-KD BOLT
3001A-6-22-KD BOLT
3001A-6-26-KD BOLT
3001A-6-32-KD BOLT
3001A-6-36-KD BOLT
3001A-6-50-3-KD BOLT
3001A-8-24 BOLT
3001А-6-50-3-KD BOLT
3001А-8-24 BOLT
3003A-5-14-KD BOLT
3003A-5-16-KD BOLT
3003A-5-22-KD BOLT
3003A-5-26-4-KD BOLT
3003A-5-26-KD BOLT
3003A-5-30-KD BOLT
3003A-5-36-KD BOLT
3003A-5-44-KD BOLT
3003A-6-18-182-AT-1-KD BOLT
3003A-6-20-182-AT-1-KD BOLT
3003A-6-22 BOLT
3003A-6-26-3-KD BOLT
3003A-6-38-3 BOLT
3003A-6-38-3-KD BOLT
3003A-8-50-4-KD BOLT
3006A-6-36-3 BOLT
300X125 TYRE
3016A-8-10-4 BOLT
3017A-6-14-3 BOLT
3017A-6-16-3KD BOLT
3017A-6-18-182-AT-1-KD BOLT
3017A-6-18-3KD BOLT
3017A-6-18-KD BOLT
3017A-8-30-35-KD BOLT
3017A-8-36-4-KD BOLT
3021A-12-34-4.5-KD BOLT

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